Pineview processor core based on Lincroft, will be integrated GFX and IMC unit, which is to be the original North Bridge memory controller and graphics engine integrated into the CPU, thus to achieve the twin-core structure to remove the North Bridge this "obstacles." Pineview this framework ideas and Havendale desktop processors are almost identical, but in Pineview higher integration, but also integrated Display display unit. In Havendale platform to show output by PCH (that is, Ibex Peak) to be completed.

Compared to the previous generation of the Atom processor, Pineview in frequency will be higher, more than 1.6GHz, there are aspects of the same process for the 45nm, but even the integration of the GMCH, Pineview core area is still maintained at 484mm ^ 2 Pineview can support DDR2-800 memory, than the previous generation only supports DDR2-667 also improved.

Tigerpoint actually equivalent to the previous IOH chips (South Bridge) function, using 130nm process FCBGA package, the core area of only 289mm ^ 2 (17 * 17mm), power consumption is only 2W. Nettop platform in the previous generation used ICH7 South Bridge, the core area of up to 961mm ^ 2. It supports 8 USB2.0 ports, four PCIe x1 and two PCI interface. Tigerpoint and inter-Pineview through DMI bus communications.

Pine Trail-D platform, the biggest advantage of lower power consumption and a smaller core area. Because it is dual-chip design, the two chips of the total core area of 773mm ^ 2 (484 + 289mm ^ 2), in the previous generation platform, the three-core chip, the total area of 2601mm ^ 2 (484 + 1156 + 961mm ^ 2), a new platform for the core area of the old platform, only less than 30 percent of the high volume requirements Nettop and Netbook, this is a very significant improvement.

In the power on, Pine Trail-D also has a substantial decline in the total two-chip TDP to 14W (single-core CPU + Tigerpoint) or 17W (dual-core CPU + Tigerpoint), and the previous generation three-chip 29W/33W almost 50% decline.

At present, the news of the dual-core Pineview-D at the end of the first production in Q1 samples, single-core samples of Pineview-D will only come out in Q3, the official product must wait until Q4, monocyte the Pineview-D may be more later .