First of the 2 Vgpu mods.
Here is the solderpad on the back of the card for the gpu at the rear of the card.

And here is my own discovery the solderpad for the other gpu in front of the card on the back i dont think that others have found it and that is because it is hidden under the laquer on the print abd you have to scratch the laquer of whit a razorblade to get to the solderpad.

Now we just have to solder some wires to the 2 solderpoints so here we are first the gpumod for the gpu at the back of the card.

And then the gpumod for the gpu at the front of the card.

And now to solder two 50 Ohms multiturns vrs on the card.

Here is the Vgpu measurring spots for both gpumods

The 2 Asus top bios With 900mhz core and 1000mhz mem in CCC and 790/915mhz default 3D clocks

Atiflash for flashing the card in dos

Asus smartdoctor for controlling the fan and oc the card if u dont like the ATI CCC and i you want you ca use Amdgputool but then you have to set the fan after you have ocet the card

Download HP USB Stick Formatting Tool | techPowerUp

HP tool to make your usb stick bootable

Boot image files for the usb stick

And a guide to flash the card

Guide to Video BIOS flashing | techPowerUp

atiflash -f -p 0 asus0.bin
atiflash -f -p 1 asus1.bin
what to write in atiflash to flash the card

This asus bios has a more aggressive fan profile than the normal

Complete HD4870X2 vmod and biosflash.