though there is some way to fix clarkdale 's cold boot and bug
if your using LN2, then could help you down to lower temperature
the first mod is short PEG_Rbias. that pin you can find one cpu backside
and motherboard, so you just need to choose which one is easier for you

pencil ------- most of time not work, casue you didn't do it very well
silver pen -------------esier
solder ------------only work on motherboard mod, on cpu its too dangerous.

CPU Pin mod
short 2 pins (red spot)


P55A-UD6, P55-UD6, P55(A)-UD6(C)



P55M-UD2, P55-UD3L, P55-US3L, P55-USB3, P55A-UD4P, P55A-UD4, P55A-UD3P
P55A-UD4P, P55A-UD4, P55A-UD3P, P55A-UD3R, P55A-UD3, P55-UD4,P55-UD3, P55-UD3P, P55-UD3L-TPM
P55-UD4P, P55-UD3R, P55M-UD4, P55-UD3L, for other board belonds to UD3/P series, should be the same